The Lelant Village Hall is a registered charity (charity number 300561) established by a Scheme approved by the Charities Commission in 1967.


This Scheme sets out the Objectives for the Charity and a Constitution for its continued management.


The object of the charity is, essentially, to provide a building for social and recreational opportunity for the benefit of local residents.


The Village Hall is managed by a Management Committee operating as a Board of Trustees. The Charities Commission approved an amendment to the Scheme in 2006, which had the effect of regularising some of the representative bodies on the Management Committee. This increased the number of elected members to the Committee.


Currently, therefore, the composition of the Management Committee is 15 members elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, and 5 representative members who each represent one of the following organisations on the Management Committee;


St Uny Parochial Church Council

St Uny School

St Ives Town Council

Lelant Village Produce Association

Trencrom Ladies Club


The current list of Committee Members and our Constitution are both available on this website, by clicking on the links below.


The Annual General Meeting is held in March, and a copy of the Minutes of the last AGM is available by clicking on the link below.

Committee Members Constitution Minutes of AGM

How The Hall Is Managed