Lelant Village Hall

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

held on Friday 5 April 2019.


1.Welcome and Apologies

The Chairman, James Douglas, welcomed attendees to the AGM. Apologies were received from Barbara Douglas, Mary Judkins, Pat Adams, Maxwell Adams, Jane Penberthy, Barry Lewis and Win Triniman.

Attendance was in accordance with the attached schedule of 25 attendees.


2.Minutes of the AGM held on 13 April 2018

The meeting considered the minutes of the previous AGM held on 13 April 2018. It was moved that these be accepted and this was seconded and duly RESOLVED.


3.Chairman’s Report.

James Douglas highlighted the main activities of the hall committee during 2018. This predominantly featured the refurbishment programmes costing some £40,000, to which over £30,000 grant assistance had been raised. The improvements included a new hall floor, new boiler and extended heating, new kitchen, refurbishment of gents’ and ladies’ toilets, refurbishment to meeting room and lower corridor, LED lighting to all street-level rooms, enhanced emergency evacuation routeway and improved external drainage system.

The project took over 3 months to complete and thus impacted on the activity programme. He thanked the regular user groups for their patience and remarked also on the impact the work had on limiting any special entertainment events at the hall during the latter part of the year.

James singled out Tony Harris and Linda Tylor for their work and commitment in support of the funding programme, and Tony for delivering the project.

James went on to thank the cleaning provider, Sam Walker, who continued to keep the hall spick and span, and also both sets of immediate neighbours for their assistance and kindness, exemplified by the floral bedding to the frontage provided by Alison Seddon.

James thanked Ruth Judge for completely re-designing the website and creating a Facebook page, and for generally enhancing our online presence.

He thanked individual members for their contributions throughout the year and especially Jayne for helping on specific projects and publicising activities, and Tony for producing the newsletter.

He mentioned the Secret Gardens event which was so successful last year and will again be held this coming year, thanks to Linda for organising this. He mentioned the coming Lelant Village Fayre, Summer Cream Tea and Harvest Supper and Quiz, as well as the annual Xmas Fayre in December, all raising monies towards the upkeep of the hall.

James also reported that the Millennium Tapestry which has been carefully looked after by the Lelant History Trust since the tapestry’s creation in 2000, is being transferred to the custodianship of the hall committee following the imminent demise of the LHT.

He then went on to thank our partner bodies, some of which were represented on the hall committee, but singled out the Xmas Lights Committee, the TLC and the LVPA as well as the St Uny Church, all of which focused on the village itself.

James finished by again thanking Linda and Tony for their commitment and hard work throughout the year, as well as all committee members, plus their partners and spouses for their support, and finally thanked villagers for their continued support of the hall.

Alan Clegg proposed a vote of thanks to James for his decision to take over the reigns and ensure the hall was again a successful entity, and a credit to the local community. This was endorsed by the meeting.


4.Treasurer’s Report

Linda outlined the financial accounts for 2018, which showed an atypical picture in that both expenditure and income appeared greater than usual due to the refurbishment costs and grants raised. She thanked the Examiner of the Accounts, Peter Jackson, for his diligent examination and robust line of questioning.

Ann Clegg asked whether the Gift Aid Scheme may be re-introduced and Linda agreed to look into this.

Doug Blackmore moved that the accounts be accepted, and this was seconded and duly RESOLVED.


5.Appointment of Examiner of the Accounts for 2019

It was moved and seconded from the floor of the meeting that Peter Jackson examine the accounts for 2019 and this was duly RESOLVED.


6.Election of Members for 2019/20

Tony Harris presented the report which set out the requirements for elected and representative members, and also the current membership regime. It was moved and seconded from the floor that all current elected and co-opted members be elected en-masse to the management committee for 2019/20.

It was noted that Win Triniman had stepped down from the hall committee after many years of dedicated service, initially as an elected member and latterly as the TLC representative, and that she would be replaced by Janet Lewis as the TLC representative.


7.Open Discussion

Joan Griffin spoke about her experiences of Lelant villagers, and how she has been made welcome by friendly outgoing people. She passed on the gratitude of St Ives Town Council for the hall’s work in providing a social hub in the heart of the village.

Alan Clegg asked if a paper towel dispenser could be provided in the kitchen- James replied that this will be addressed.

Andrew Hicks updated the meeting on PCC matters and thanked the hall committee for their evolving work in support of the church and the wider community.

Keith Judkins thanked the committee for working with the St Uny church website and the Lelant Heritage Centre and wondered if more could be done in regard to heritage promotion, the recruitment of volunteers and the Living Churchyard. Tony reported that the LVH committee was in discussions with the Heritage centre relating to a possible heritage event in early 2020, and that LVH promotion of the need for volunteering via Down Your Way (in The Cornishman) and the newsletter had already led to an increase in their ranks.

Ann Clegg added some historical information relating to the initiation of the Living Churchyard project some years ago.

Ann also asked if something could be done about scuff marks caused by dark shoe soles on the hall floor. James replied that this will be addressed.

Kevin Percival and John Simmons asked if anything might be provided for younger people in the village.

Jose Harris asked when the Carn To Cove event may be held at the hall. Tony replied that the next Menu Party is imminent, but the selections were restrictive due to the growing numbers of artistes from outside of Cornwall, thus involving the payment of subsistence costs.

There being no further comments, James closed the meeting at 20.10.



List of attendees (25) :


James Douglas

Tony Harris

Linda Taylor

John Simmons

Jayne Wignall

Ruth Judge

Sheila Percival

Kevin Percival

Janet Lewis

Joan Griffin

Alan Clegg

Ann Clegg

Patty Burton

Andre Hicks

Anne Hicks

Jean Osborne

Peter Jackson

Doug Blackmore

Lyn Blackmore

Sue Adams

Steve Adams

Jane Abbott

Helen Mears

Stuart Mears

Keith Judkins

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